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Fetching logged user information in Alfresco

Question asked by pavan on Jun 4, 2013
We have a requirement to transfer content from Alfresco to a PLM application. Now we have created a new custom view with the PLM product and have incorporated an SWT browser in that view. The idea is that the user would enter the alfresco url there and he would be able to drag and drop contents from Alfresco to PLM product using this new view.

The trouble here is that we are being asked to develop it with out asking the user . The moment the URL is entered by the user, alfresco would ask the user his login credentials. The user authenticates himself and would be able to view different documents.

But in order to actually download them, we need to set the user info. specifically the user name and password in the request to Alfresco. This is required because we havent established the connection/authentication codefully. This is where we got stuck.

Is it possible to get a session or an equivalent identifier codefully [ Note that user visited alfresco url and has authenticated himself. So, we dont have any hold of his information there. ].

Requesting you to share any ideas…