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Authorization required on share in liferay

Question asked by frizzello on Jun 4, 2013

I'm trying to integrate liferay 6.11 community edition with alfresco 3.4e community edition that are on different machines using alfresco share portlet using this indications ( i'm still having a lot of problems because  loaduser method in AlfrescoUserFactory  requests me a basic http authentication.

is it possible to disable it or call another service? The same thing happens when I go to the portlet share inside liferay when i'm just logged in and I try to open my repository.

It appears a Basic authentication window

looking better to net request:""
"NetworkError: 401 Unauthorized -"
"NetworkError: 401 Unauthorized -"
"NetworkError: 401 Unauthorized -"

every these request from share/proxt need basic authentication.

Anyone can help me?