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Caching problems adding users to ALFRESCO_ADMINISTRATORS group

Question asked by garryw on Dec 11, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2013 by abarisone
I am currently trying to investigate some issues I am having with a couple of different installs that do not clear the childAuthorityCache correctly when adding a user to the ALFRESCO_ADMINISTRATORS group via the Groups interface.

I am currently using 4.0.d community with various customisations.

From debugging an instance with this happening I can see that the the POST to /share/proxy/alfresco/api/groups/ALFRESCO_ADMINISTRATORS/children/xxx does clear the cache value for the parentNode @ AuthorityDAOImpl:254

The next call via share to /share/proxy/alfresco//api/groups/ALFRESCO_ADMINISTRATORS/children still has a cached value for the key workspace://SpacesStore/GROUP_ALFRESCO_ADMINISTRATORS which does not include the newly added user @ AuthorityDAOImpl:965

Attempting to add the user again will result in a duplicate entry error because the user is in the group (although they do not have any admin permissions at this point) and adding another different user will then show the previously added user, but not the most recently added. Deleting any user from the group will then show the most up to date list.

As far as I can tell this problem only seems to be affecting the ALFRESCO_ADMINISTRATORS group.

I am pretty stumped now so any advise on where to look next, or what may be causing this issue would be greatly appreciated.