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sharepoint creates empty files and wrong versions

Question asked by clnyx on Jun 10, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2013 by clnyx
Hello everyone,

we got a problem using the sharepoint module in version 4.2.c.
There is a strange and in our believe wrong behavior for creating/deleting/versioning documents, created via Word (2010).

There are two cases we were looking at:
1. Creating a document works.
2. Creating a document does not work. Reasons can be missing rights, exceeded quota etc…

Looking at the 1. case:
Just create a new document in Word and try to save it to alfresco like https://hostname:7070/alfresco/.
We are able to browse and select the documentLibrary to save the document. Everything is ok and the document is saved.
But the versions created by the repository are not right. If you browse to the documentLibrary (alfr. website) to look at the document, you will find two versions 1.0 there. One as the actual (with correct size) and one in the archive/history with a size of 0 KB.
If you upload a new version now, a version 1.1 will be created correctly, but in the history you will only find that 0 KB document for version 1.0. So your initial document will not longer be there to get out of the history.

Looking at the 2. case:
Create a new document and save it, likt in case 1. If you're not able to save the document, you'll get a message in Word that tells you, something went wrong, bla bla bla.
So that is good, because for example your ratio is exeeded this time and you should not be able to save the document.
If you browse to the documentLibrary again on your alfresco website, there will be that document with 0 KB in size. There shouldn't be a document at all…

What we found out is, that the WebDAV workflow always creates a 0 KB version of the document with a first put request and fills the data in with a second put request, if everything is ok. If not, it sends a delete request that is responded with a status code of 204. So that seems to be ok, but does not work.

We checked another installation of ours with version 4.0.d and there it generally works. Not perfectly nice, because the initial 0 KB version can still be found in the archive…

Does anybody know this problem or has any idea how to fix it? Is it a problem of this specific version?

Thanks in advance for any help.