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How to consume CMIS without Java?

Question asked by ritesh on Jun 10, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2013 by avyaznikov
Due to some customer´s restrictions I´m developing a client in Ensemble. Since there is no CMIS extension available, I´m having problems consuming the services as they are and I haven´t been able to solve them reading other posts in this forum:

  - The Authentication Service works OK, I can login and I get a ticket as a result, but I don´t know how to use this ticket.
  - After authentication, I try to consume the RepositoryService (getRepositoryInfo method). Do I have to put the ticket in the
    extension parameter (type: cmisExtensionType)? Right now I´m just using it as the following, but I don´t get any result:

                    set repositoryInfo = clientRepositoryService.getRepositoryInfo(repositoryID)

Thanks for help!