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Alfresco and IWA

Question asked by darionis on Jun 10, 2013

I developed custom web application which access alfresco by SOAP web services. Authentication is also performed by alfresco, custom app sends username/password to alfresco, obtains ticket and uses that ticket for subsequent alfresco service calls. Alfresco is configured to use ActiveDirectory for authentication so users access custom application by using the same username/password that they use for windows login. That is all fine and works perfectly.

Now I need to introduce Integrated windows authentication. Idea is that users will use custom web application without typing username and password, current windows user will be used to access custom application and alfresco services. I understand that alfresco can be configured for Integrated windows authentication (IWA), but what does it mean for my custom application? How am i supposed to obtain alfresco ticket in such environment? When using IWA, i will not have the password, so i have no idea how to authenticate user against alfresco and perform alfresco service call on the behalf of currently logged on windows user?

Is it possible to use IWA, custom applications and alfresco services?

I can make my custom app use IWA (to authenticate against AD directly), but I don't know how would I obtain alfresco ticket in such case?

Thanks for any answer.