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Alfresco API - how to accomplish specific tasks

Question asked by impiastro on Dec 16, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2013 by impiastro
I everyone.

I'm new to Alfresco.
I'm try to connect and interact with the Alfresco Repository (at the moment with the community edition 4.2.d) using the CMIS AtomPub binding through the wonderful Python cmislib library.

I can create, update and delete elements, I can query (also fulltext) documents, I can checkout and checkin documents with comments.
I know that CMIS 1.1 spec covers also type mutability, secondary types (or aspects) and many other interesting features, but, as far as I know Alfresco doesn't expose CMIS 1.1 compatible API yet.

I'm trying to "customize" Alfresco repository using only external APIs, as a black box, avoiding writing Java extensions and classes (which usually require Alfresco restart).
What is, at the moment, the best approach for Alfresco to create custom content types and aspects, managing users/groups/roles, managing ACLs to objects and folders, and all other features not covered natively by CMIS using only API (SOAP or REST)?
Is the Web Script framework the preferrable way?

Thanks for your knowledge sharing…