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Private Site activities feed generator

Question asked by vrugginkj on Jun 13, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2013 by vrugginkj
I'm trying to understand the dashlet Site activities and the more I search, the less I understand :))
  This is what I found until now :
  If you add-change-delete a document within the share UI, for each transaction you do, a record is added in the table alf_activity_post with a status POSTED-PENDING (don^t know which is first, but it isn't really important I guess)

There is some server task which every xx seconds (30 seconds on our system) handles these records, and for each record, it writes records in the table alf_activity_feed and here I made the following observations :

- If the site is public it seems to be OK and activity on the documents is added for each site-member. In other words : for each site-member a record is added in alf_activity_feed where feed_user_id = site-member.
- If the site is private, and the user is Admin AND a site-member, it's also OK but there's also a record with feed_user_id = ' ' ??
- If the site is private, and the user is just a simple site-member IT'S NOT OK !

This last behaviour seems strange to me, as it is said in the documentation somewhere that it should work if the user is a site-member OR an administrator… :(((. Did they mix up AND-OR somewhere or is there some configuration missing ? By the way, there is a table named alf_activity_feed_control, which is empty…

Any help would be appreciated !

I tested it with Enterprise 4.1.2/MySql and Community 4.2C/PostGreSQL : same result.