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Filter files by chosen types

Question asked by vladimirr on Dec 17, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2014 by zladuric
I am trying to implement following functionality for Alfresco Share:

User selects file types that will be shown to him in all views.

I thought to do it in following way:
<li>put the users selection in java servlet session</li>
<li>extend all the queries in filters.lib.js with data from servlet session</li>

I've managed to put file selection in toolbar and extendes lucene queries.
But I'couldn't find anything about using java servlet sessions in Alfresco Share.

I am new to alfresco, and for my current project I am using Alfresco 4.0.

So is this possible in Alfresco Share?
Did I choose right way to implement this?
Any other ways of implmenting this?