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Migrating alfresco ( from same version to same version )

Question asked by tzemljak on Jun 14, 2013
i have a problem described at ( any help is apreciated), that rendered my platform half useable. Since i can't fix the problem, i'm thinking of exporting/importing to a clean install.

What i need to do is:
-migrate users ( with passwords if possible, without if not)
-migrate share sites document libraries
-migrate wikipedia entries ( per site )
-migrate site calendars
-migrate sites data lists

I can retype the users manualy since the instance has ~20 of them.
i can manualy download document libraries as zip and manualy upload them to new installation.
How to export/import rest of the above mentiones ?
( if you read URL above  you'll see my admin tools are half usable too so i can't use embeded export / import tools )

Thank you for ideas!