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Integrating Microsoft Office with Alfresco

Question asked by eswbitto on Jun 14, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2013 by eswbitto
I have searched the forums on this and have found somewhat helpful information on how to integrate Microsoft Office (2010) with Alfresco.

Let me give you the specs

Alfresco is on Linux CentOS 6.4 (64 bit)
Using Alfresco 4.2.c community installation
Trying to Integrate with M$ Office 2010

Steps that I have done are:

Installed Alfresco from the binary file and opted for the sharepoint option.

When I go to Word and try to open a document and put in http://my.cidr.ip.address:7070/alfresco it works I can connect to the alfresco server and open and modify documents and save all that good jazz.

When I install the alfresco Add-in and try to go that route it asks for credentials and I give the same credentials that I would log into the alfresco web UI and the outcome always says that it fails to connect or invalid user name and password.

When I put in the credentials I get two messages "failed to authenticate with server" and then the other one is it looks like it authenticates, but the window shows a 404 error.

So my goal is kinda two fold. If I have to go the route of going to file/open and putting in the url to connect I want it to be https and possibly use the certificate that I have created. Just more importantly the secure connection.
The preferred outcome would be able to use the Add-In and just authenticate with LDAP. The reason being is we will have end-users using this that really don't have the tech knowledge to put in a url to get access to a document. I would like to stream line this as much as possible in a way that would be intuitive for the end user. I don't believe I'm asking a lot. For the most part I think that Alfresco has that functionality already. I am just stuck trying to get it working.

If anyone can point me in the right direction or possibly have a fix that isn't anywhere in the forums that would be great.

I have been trying to use these instructions:
I'm wondering I'm using openssl through httpd (apache) and I think Tomcat automatically binds with it on the install of alfresco. Does anyone know if openssl works or do I have to go through these instructions?