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Alfresco web developer wanted (Dutch)

Question asked by jwiersma on Jun 16, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2014 by skywaltzlabs

Looking for an Alfresco developer to support a software startup in the Netherlands.
The startup needs a webapp with Alfresco Community 4.2 as a basis.
The webapp will use a modified version of the Share sites.

*Advise on architecting an Alfresco environment with 100+ different customers based on Ubuntu& OpenLdap.
*Develop an Alfresco based webapp with:
-custom theme
-custom access rights and roles
-custom dashboards
-custom site and web parts
And supply a solution to deploy this standard webapp for multiple customers, with option for future maintenance and updates.
Version management needs to be done on the developed solution(s)

This is a project based job. No hire/full time. Development outside business hours possible.

Upon positive closure of the project, the contract will be extended for maintenance / bug fix / updates.

Site development and project documentation will be in Dutch, so Dutch language skills are needed.

Please contact me at for more information