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Error in servicerun.bat script

Question asked by ustamills on Dec 18, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2014 by ustamills
Hello all,

I cannot stop Alfresco Community 4.2.e (Windows) properly using the supplied \Alfresco\servicerun.bat.  That batchfile calls some other scripts which stop services.  The short of it is that the Windows command

net stop alfrescoTomcat

is called and then the postgres service is stopped very quickly afterwards with the Windows command

net stop alfrescoPostgreSQL

This would be okay but PostgreSQL is quitting too quickly.  When SOLR tries to disengage (a rollback) PostgreSQL is already gone!  I get a DB error and Tomcat never quits.  The Windows Service panel perpetually says that alfrescoTomcat is "stopping".

Also, my Alfresco installation set up a "DependOnService" registry entry from Tomcat to PostgreSQL.  The result is that when PostgreSQL tries to quit, the system halts things because Tomcat is still running.  And then it won't go any further unless someone is on hand to answer a query about it on the command line.

Is this happening elsewhere?  Should I re-write the batchfiles somehow?  Any suggestions?