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How to manage evaluator/indicator behaviour by

Question asked by itzamna on Dec 19, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2014 by zladuric
Hi folks,

for our own content types I've created a new document action as well as an indicator that displays an icon in front of the documents (see also one of my former questions: Now, I want to provide the possibility to control the visibility of the icon and the action command by property keys in the
Some background to understand: The document action opens the document with an external program. But not all customers that use our product will have the program installed properly / configured correctly. Or they do not want to open documents outside of Alfresco. This is why I'm looking for an easy way to control this behaviour simply by a property key. So at the end, the admin should be able to enable/disable the functionality by setting some parameter to true or false.

What would be the best approach to solve this? Is it possible at all?
At least I will need a WebScript on repository tier to read the properties file. But how and where to invoke this on Share side to receive and process the values for the indicator/evaluator?