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[solved] Upgrading community 3.4.e -> 4.0.e - upgraded version hangs at startup.

Question asked by toaijala on Jun 19, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2013 by toaijala
I'm currently trying to upgrade 3.4.e to 4.0.e on same server. But server hangs at startup.

My setup:
- Server Linux CentOs 6.4
- Mysql 5.1.69 (provided by Centos distro)
- Alfresco 3.4.e

What I've done to upgrade:
- installed 4.0.e, started it once to check it works against empty mysql db
- copied content from 3.4.e/alf_data to 4.0.e/alf_data (and configured alfresco to use the exsisting 3.4.e db)

When I start server it applies alot of patches but hangs at this line
 2013-06-19 11:24:06,434  INFO  [admin.patch.PatchExecuter] [main] Applying patch 'patch.updateMimetypes4' (Rationalise mimetypes for PhotoShop and AutoCad).

I actually waited for hours without progress. Server won't stop gently (says connection refused) so I have to kill it. Once I restarted the server it progresses to:

 2013-06-19 11:28:00,726  INFO  [admin.patch.PatchExecuter] [main] Checking for patches to apply …
2013-06-19 11:28:01,705  INFO  [admin.patch.PatchExecuter] [main]      Applying patch 'patch.updateMimetypes4' (Rationalise mimetypes for PhotoShop and AutoCad).
2013-06-19 11:28:01,736  INFO  [management.subsystems.ChildApplicationContextFactory] [main] Starting 'Authentication' subsystem, ID: [Authentication, managed, ldap1]
2013-06-19 11:28:01,858  INFO  [management.subsystems.ChildApplicationContextFactory] [main] Startup of 'Authentication' subsystem, ID: [Authentication, managed, ldap1] complete

but then hangs again.

Any idea why updated alfresco 4.0.e won't start?

I noticed that it starts openoffice around the time when it hangs, is this the cause? how can I fix it?

root     14772  0.1  1.0 457360 40508 pts/1    Sl   11:28   0:00 /opt/alfresco-4.0.e/openoffice/program/soffice.bin -accept=socket,host=,port=8100;urp;StarOffice.ServiceManager -env:UserInstallation=file:///opt/alfresco-4.0.e/alf_data/oouser -nologo -headless -nofirststartwizard -nocrashrep -norestore

I have repeated the upgrade process from scratch twice, and both times got the same behavior. Any suggestions how to fix this?