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Alfresco vs Dropbox

Question asked by djnemo2 on Dec 20, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2014 by djnemo2

Im talking about my experience with a customer(and i know that alfresco is not only a file sync service).
I had a customer that already using Dtopbox on their tablets, they have one account and using this account on 7 talbets so all of them access to all the files on their dropbox account.

They asked how they can to centeralized their file some how on their private network, so my fried proposed a alfresco server and alfresco mobile on their android device so they can have access when they are online and offline.

I got their tablet and show them how alfresco is working, customer made a quick compare between alfresco and dropbox/dropsync and the biggest problem for him was

"Why with Dropbox/DropSync i can have all my Directory and subdirectory s from my dropbox account on my local tablet Memory so i can easily copy paste in those folders and DropSync will sync them directly with server!"

So i thought that could be nice to have those kind of End-User friendly stuff,
On the other hand they had around 5 GB of data that they want to access in offline mode(so they have to choose them as favorite and it is veryyy slow to sync).

Thank you