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Integrate Outlook calender to Alfresco

Question asked by ashishj on Dec 23, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 24, 2013 by ashishj

I am a newbie on the Alfresco front and am trying to configure and customize Alfresco to my needs by going through the forums and help topics, which were really helpful.

To make this system fully compatible for my need I  have a requirement that my Outlook calender should be visible in Alfresco and should be editable from both the sides.

I have gone through a lot of documentation and the forms search, however could not find a direct solution for this. There are some topics on the web like "" and more, which talk about the Alfresco calender having a Sync button. However I do not see any such option in calender view of my install base of Alfresco.

I had tried to expose the calender of Alfresco through the iCal feature and was able to see it in my Outlook, however since it is a feed, hence it is non editable in Outlook.

So basically I am looking for a way to have a common calender between Alfresco and Outlook which should be editable and view-able from both the ends

Any help or pointers in this direction would be helpful.