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email rule only firing for Alfresco_Administrators

Question asked by joemc3 on Dec 23, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 24, 2013 by mitpatoliya

I'm using alfresco share (Alfresco Community v4.0.0 (4003) schema 5025).  I have a simple email rule setup on my high level documents folder.  Essentially, if anyone adds, updates or deletes content from the documents folder, or subfolders, the rule will trigger and send an email to a selected user.  The email template had been modified to include custom verbage and logo.

The email rule runs PERFECTLY when it is run from a user account in the ALFRESCO_ADMINISTRATORS group.  However, the email rule fails to fire for anyone NOT in this group. 

I verified that the rule is firing for any user, by modifying the rule to add a certain category to any document.  This adding of the category works for admin and non-admin users, so I know the rule is firing for everyone. 

It only seems to fail when it is attempting to send the email for non-admin users.

Any help would be appreciated.