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wcmqs web quick start page 404 error

Question asked by mandeep on Jun 21, 2013
I just performed a fresh install of 4.2.c community edition with mysql 5.6. went through complete setup of WCM given on and
OS is windows 2008 R2 standard. services are installed on standard 8080 port.

After going through creating and import quick start demo data, when i go to localhost:8080/wcmqs, I get 404 apache page.

I checked alfresco log and there are no errors. wcmqs.log is blank.

Another thing to note is I couldn't find wcmqs-custom properties file. I manually created it and added the host name, user and password information.

I can browse to the editorial content through my sites and I can preview the pages there in browser.

I also went to properties of editorial and live folder through document library and doubled checked host, port and context name.

Please advise how else I can trouble shoot this?