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My sites not populated in Alfresco Multi-tenant

Question asked by netrik on Jun 21, 2013

We have configured alfresco multi-tenant for collaboration with external companies. We did this for security reasons, as this way we can compartimentilize data without having to rely on user's applying appropriate permissions.

We are experiencing problems where users in a tentant cannot see the sites they have access to in their dashboard under 'My Sites'. They do not appear under 'sites' either or in the my sites tab under their profile. The only way they can get them in the sites list is by searching for the site and then favorite them. They still do not show up in the dashboard then.

Users in the main tenant do not have this issue. I cannot find anything in the log file that is linked to this either, so I am kind of at a loss on how to resolve.

Any ideas? Has anyone experienced this while running multi-tenant?