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Activiti workflow. Error parsing XML

Question asked by brunoais on Dec 27, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 30, 2013 by brunoais
I made a workflow in activiti to test Alfresco's workflow engine to compare to jBPM's.

After making a workflow using the activiti extension for eclipse, I tried to adding it using the activiti console but it failed.
The error that appears is:
<blockquote>Error parsing XML</blockquote>

Note: I made some manual changes to the XML itself. Changes that the eclipse extension does not do itself.

In order to try understanding the problem, I tested the XML against an XML validator and a BPMN2.0 validator and they responded that it is valid according to the standard. I think I can conclude that the XML is valid.

How can I check what's wrong with the file? If you need me to write it here I may do it but I'll have to filter some confidential information I'm using with the workflow.

I also had already tried making a workflow using only the GUI from activiti and it worked correctly without any problems.