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Folders as records?

Question asked by paulis on Dec 29, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2014 by paiyyavj13

I've been evaluating Alfresco records management feature. I've installed the latest community version on my win7 machine and it works fine. I've DOD sample data imported and I am playing around with it.

I need features: workflow, audit trail, metadata and filing plan, and these are ok im RM.

One feature is missing, or is it:

In RM a record is one document and my need is to have multiple documents managed as a record. I mean that when new application comes to us there is a separate paper explaining what is applied, then there might be several attachments and then we have decision document and all workflow related data. I need, all this related to "one case" to be managed as one record. (otherwise it would be quite difficult for end user to manage each file separately, even if they logically are one "case".)

I might be able to implement this as normal Share+Workflow -configured system, but I am not sure how audit trail works then?

Also one option is Workdesk, and Case Management in it, but again, don't know about audit trail or is it even available in community version.