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Installation & Restore issue

Question asked by lamoureux on Jun 24, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2013 by lamoureux

I post here because I'm stuck with an Alfresco installation.

I am trying to install an Alfresco portal configured by a partner during a project but this partner gave me a very weak installation procedure and he doesn't want to be more involved in the project .

Here my configuration:
- Apache2
- Tomcat 6.0
- PostgreSQL 9.1
- Alfresco 3.4

To install Alfresco, I've used the official documentation ( and

I've then added the two following modules with java -jar command:
- alfresco-community-wcmqs-3.4.d.amp
- alfresco-community-wcmqs-share-3.4.d.amp

Then I launch Tomcat : all goes fine.
When I check http://myserver:8080/manager/html url, everything is OK :
- /alfresco application is functional
- /share application is functional
- /wcmqs application is functional

The PostgreSQL database have been populated by the default alfresco data.

Then occurs the last step : restoring the original portal.

I followed the standard procedure :
- stop tomcat
- copy the dir.root to a temp location
- restore the dir.root folder provided by our dear partner
- restore the postgresql database
- start tomcat again

And now, /alfresco application won't start.

You can find attached the log file but the message seems to be "Context initialization failed".

Because I'm not used to Alfresco, I really don't know what to do with that.

If someone have an idea or just a track to find a solution I'll be very greatful !