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Different instances of Alfresco Share sharing repository

Question asked by dmralfing on Jun 25, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2013 by kamielvdz
   I'd like to have some customized alfresco Share applications using the same repository.
  I only know how to work with everything in common using the TOMCAT\shared\classes, but how can I do the abstraction I need?. Maybe I should work in every TOMCAT\webapps\shareXX\WEB-INF directory , but I have read that it´s not recommended.
   I'm still used to Documentum, where you separate the Front End in a Apache server and the Back End for example in a JBoss server where resides the repository, but I´m making a mess about how can I abstract the Front End from the Back End with Alfresco!
   Sorry if it is a very basic question, but I didn´t find any documentation, neither google.
Somebody can help me?