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Training Details, should be given more info with links

Question asked by bisana on Jun 25, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2014 by bisana
Hi All
The links for the certification and training has good information,but there are possibilities for making it better.
As a user my self found bit difficult in finding how to certify myself for Alfresco Administrator
No doubt there is information, but not in proper way displayed.
User wants to get information on "how could he certify as administrator" , after some time of browsing he gets the information that there is a 16 hour course which is leading for the exam. But does the site have information telling the candidate, about. Is this course covers all the topics related to the certification ?? or does he need to join any other course. ?
The site does not map course details with the corresponding certification. It would have been much better showing it in a pictorial format which can lead to certification.
Joseph John