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Trouble selecting content in repository in drupal 7 iframe with IE9

Question asked by miguellamy on Jan 3, 2014
Hello all,

I'm trying to insert an Alfresco Share 4.2d iframe in drupal 7. It seems to work well in Chrome v.31 or Firefox v.26 but in Internet Explorer 9 when I left mouse click folders in repository it doesn't work (it seems to ignore the mouse click). I also noticed that this behavior only happens when the iframe call an URI that ends with the special character # (for example an URI like this:…/share/page/site/swsdp/documentlibrary#). Strangely it works in IE Document Mode Quirks (browser mode is IE9).

I tried to debug javascript using IE developer tools but it doesn't show any errors in javascript. Server log catalina.out doesn't show any error either. I also searched about this problem but didn't find anything so I think I might be doing something wrong…

The iframe and the parent window are on same domain. I have no problem with Alfresco Share in IE 9 "outside" the iframe. I'm using CAS 3.5 authentication with mod_auth_cas with Alfresco. I'm accessing Alfresco Share with Apache 2.2 with mod_jk.

Could anyone please give me some hint how should I debug this issue to help me understand what's happening and solve this problem ?

Thank you,


CentOS release 6.4 (Final)