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Watermark PDF on view/download

Question asked by cristianfrog on Jan 3, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2014 by leonard
Hi all, happy new year!

It's me again, I have to ask you to guide me through this because I can't get over it :<

I want to do this: watermark PDF files when user view or download the file from Share. The watermark will be a simple text or image.
I tried with a custom behaviour but someone here told me it's not the way on doing it… I was reading about thumbnails and rendition service, trasformation and stuff like that. I didn't find material about my specific problem so just want to ask if someone can tell me what to study exactly and how I can do it

I mean, what I need to know and put hands on?

P.S. I did contact some companies out there selling this but they do not sell code, only the closed service and for a lot of money, I will like to do it by myself and learn from it