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Search using aspect or custom property

Question asked by mrsaqib on Jun 25, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2013 by mitpatoliya
I want to know the better approach from the following to store and specially search records which are in millions using Java API .

I have millions of records of different types, like Accounting, Sales, marketing, general etc

<strong>Approach A:</strong>

while adding documents, Assign each document different aspect based on their type, for example, Sales have asptect called 'sales' , marketing has aspect called 'marketing'.
when searching i do this in Lucene

ASPECT:'marketing' AND name:"something"

<strong>Approach B:</strong>

Each document has the same aspect, say 'mydocs' and i create a custom property called 'type' and store values like 'sales', 'marketing', etc
when searchin i do this in Lucene

type:"sales" AND name:"something" 

Which of the above approach is better, considering search calls for lucene. (in which approach alfresco java api using lucene will perform better search)

In general, using "ASPECT" and then your query to search for records is better? or else?

(I am using Alfresco Enterprise 4.0.2)