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Recent activities emails are not sent anymore

Question asked by loopway on Jan 3, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2014 by loopway
Hi there,

We have an Alfresco 4.2c installation and are very happy with it. Since a few months though the "recent activities" emails are not sent out to the users anymore. After investigations for errors in the alfresco.log file I found faulty entries in our mysql table alf_activity_post which I deleted. Now I don't see any errors anymore in the logfile and "my activities" is again being populated in the dashboard.

Our outbound email configuration seems to be correct as emails for invited users are send out. Sending initial test emails during Alfresco startup works too.

I did add the following entries to the file:


After restarting Alfresco still no emails are send and I can't find any hint/error in the logfiles.

Any help is appreciated,
Thanks, Roman