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how to do 2 way replication

Question asked by sharifu on Jan 7, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2014 by mitpatoliya
Currently I have 2 servers and I am replicating fine. I am in process of upgrading 4.2.c to 4.2.e. I would like to add a 3rd server and make them all replicate between each other. is this possible to do? Do i just add another line in

<config evaluator="string-compare" condition="Replication">
         <!– To discover a Repository Id, browse to the remote server's CMIS landing
            page at: http://{server}:{port}/alfresco/service/cmis/index.html The Repository
            Id field is found under the "CMIS Repository Information" expandable panel.
            Example config entry: <share-url repositoryId="622f9533-2a1e-48fe-af4e-ee9e41667ea4">http://new-york-office:8080/share/</share-url>
            7a0d66fb-9891-4cd3-b63a-c161cfc64814 replication
            <share-url repositoryId="1b76e86b-1d37-43cf-bf5b-944db18fe18c"></share-url>
            <!– /opt/replication
            <share-url repositoryId="7a0d66fb-9891-4cd3-b63a-c161cfc64814"></share-url>