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New type of Datalist

Question asked by andy2.0 on Jan 8, 2014
I want to add some new types of datalist, I follow the steps below:

(1) add new data model to datalistModel.xml;
(2) modify the share-datalist-form-config.xml file accordingly;
(3) restart alfresco.

I can see the new type in a website > datalist. However when I create a new item/record, I will find that there are several properties, such as name, region setting, last access time, create time, appearing in the popup dialog. Actually I didn't add them to the datalistModel.xml, I guess they come from their parent dataListItem since I used the statement "<parent>dl:dataListItem</parent>".

I don't want some of them displayed but I don't know how to implement it. Anybody please help on this?

And, I don't like the way to modify the two files directly (datalistModel.xml & share-datalist-form-config.xml), do I have any other way to add a new type of datalist?