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Integration with Drupal - CMIS field broken

Question asked by aguidis on Jul 1, 2013

In order to integrate Alfresco to Drupal, I installed the lastest versions of CMIS and CMIS Views modules.

When I added a CMIS folder field to a content type, the popup displayed correctly the distant folders. So my settings.php is good, right ?

But it's not the case with the CMIS field.
Indeed when I added this field type, there was this error message :

Notice: Undefined index: cmis_field_rootFolderPath in cmis_field_field_widget_form() (line 123 of /home/web/

And when I want to browse my alfresco folders, the popup displays this message :

The requested page "/cmis/browsernull?type=popup&caller=settings" could not be found.

I don't get why this field type doesn't work…

Thank you in advance for your help