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MediaViewers configuration

Question asked by patdelaney on Jul 1, 2013
I have found the following information on MediaViewers add on: I have installed it. I can see the modules in the deployment page. I'm not sure what ones I really need to install, I am also unclear about the ones that are called xxx.configuration. Where do you see those pages? I can't seem to locate the correct documentation.
I have installed media-viewers-2.5.1.jar.
PDF's seem to work, audio files work, most graphics work. I need to add support for TGA, Tiff and perhaps native Photoshop files (PSD)

I'm also having issues with FFMPEG previews. But I will open a separate thread on that.

Can someone point me to more documentation on this mediaviewer packages.

Available Modules                               Deployed Modules
FLVPlayer Viewer                                MP3Player Viewer
WebODF Viewer                                   MP3Player Configuration
Alfresco Portlet Viewer (what is this)          Embed Viewer
PdfJs Viewer                                   
WebODF Configuration
PsfJs Configuration
FLVPlayer Configuration
Prettify Configuration
Prettify Viewer