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Alfresco/Share incredibly slow to delete models

Question asked by ungawunga on Jul 1, 2013
We've been noticing that if we have custom models in a folder that contain 2-3 small xml files, it can take HOURS to delete them if there more than 100-200. I understand that Solr, MySQL, and the filesystem need to be updated, but this seems a little much.

I've written a simple webscript to see if the problem is with Share, and it isn't.

   logger.log("deleteItems using folder :" + folder );
   var nodes = getFolder( folder ).children;

   if( nodes && nodes.length > 0 )
      logger.log("deleteItems( '" + folder + "') found " + nodes.length + " items." );
      for( var i in nodes )
         var success = nodes.remove();
         if( !success )
            logger.debug( "error deleting node " + );

This also takes a very long time to complete. It is fast to uninstall Alfreso and reinstall than it is to wait for the models to delete.

What can we do to speed this up? Are there configuration setting changes we can make? Model changes?
Any help is appreciated.