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Cas server could not validate ticket

Question asked by lkhelif on Jan 9, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2014 by lkhelif
I have an Alfresco installed (4.2.e) with LDAP synchronization and SSO CAS authentication.

After CAS login, Share receive an invalid ticket response from CAS server.

Here are http headers:

GET http://my_server/share/
GET https://cas_server/cas/login?service=http://myserver/share/
GET http://my_server/share/?ticket=ST-2931-LYrBo9hCMFETO4qkA4fe-cas

GET http://my_server/share/res/themes/default/images/app-logo.png
GET https://cas_server/cas/login?service=http://my_server/share/res/themes/default/images/app-logo.png
GET http://my_server/share/res/themes/default/images/app-logo.png?ticket=ST-2932-cubPEhbpxKEMBZZapUXX-cas

The second part is the one that causes invald ticket response, but I don't understand the reason of such call.

Does anyone have an idea?