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Alfresco community edition @ Oracle 11g XE configuration problem

Question asked by baaka on Jul 2, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2013 by abarisone
Hello there,
I’ve tried to install Alfresco Community edition on  Oracle 11g XE  (as  this is only database I have experience with) .   I’ve configured: and alfresco.war files, then I run Tomcat and log into Alfresco with admin user, but there is a problem: I can’t create new users,see an  error below:
        <c>  · Failed to create Person due to error: Duplicate child name not allowed: zz  </c>
Have you ever tried to use Alfresco Community edition with Oracle XE? Can you give me any suggestions or recommendations? 

I have a feeling that there may be some bugs, even if I fix them any chance to include them in next releases ?!

Any comments / suggestions are welcome