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Ask for Type and Aspects on File Upload (and delete on cancel)

Question asked by djsumdog on Jul 3, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2013 by zladuric
So I'm working on a project with pretty specific client requirements. They want a document that, once uploaded, is automatically given a custom content model (which I've already made) and then, immediately after upload, allow the user to select aspects to add to it. If the user cancels out of the aspect selection, the document needs to be deleted.

We have a full Maven space setup for alfresco and share development and have our standard-document.xml in alfresco/src/main/resource/alfrescco/extension/model and I can choose this model in the share interface. I realize I can setup a space to automatically give all uploaded documents a specific type, but I'm more concerted about the aspects and deleting the document on cancellation.

The question I have is, where in my share environment do I start working on this process? Would it be best to make a custom dashlet that deals with the upload process, or is there some class or function I can rewire within the Slingshot/Spring Application Context. I couldn't find any existing plugins or share amp files that I could use as a reference. Is there anything out there that currently has something similar to this functionality?