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addToFolder, removeFromFolder - CMIS

Question asked by lodopidolo on Jul 3, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2013 by ekirin
Hello, I have a doubt about the grants to user addToFolder, removeFromFolder when there more than one user related to the documents.

I have one application space (spaceA) which is owner by one user (userA). I have the same for user B (spaceB, userB). userB can read spaceA. I don't want to copy the docmuments twice but I want they to be accesible by the two spaces.

1- The application create a document using userA in spaceA called doc1.
2- I excute doc1.addToFolder(spaceB) from userB.
3- I can access to doc1 thought spaceA and spaceB. This is good.
4- I want to remove doc1 from spaceB using userB becuse I just don't want any reference to the document in this space, but I want to maintain it in spaceA (where it was originally created) executing doc1.removeFromFolder(spaceB). ERROR!. I can't to remove it. userB must have Read/Write permission on spaceA to removeFromFolder(spaceB).

I don't know why I must have read/write permission on spaceA to remove something from spaceB. Is this correct?
It could be a security hole if I don't want that userB modify any document from spaceA.

What can I do?