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Questions about LDAP and Alfresco

Question asked by eswbitto on Jul 3, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2013 by eswbitto
I am trying to find some documentation on a couple of questions that I have about how Alfresco interacts with AD.

When a user is created or deleted in Active Directory does Alfresco see those changes or does a restart need to be done in order for a re-sync to happen?

Lets say initially I used the whole forest (of users and groups) as a sync. Now I want to go back and filter out not such a broad search base. Now I know that all those users and groups would be stored in Postgresql when I filter my search base would those "other users and groups" still be in the database or would they be deleted and only the new search base be present?

Thanks Guys for the awesome software!