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How to allow multiple roles, groups, users for a service action

Question asked by gerryr on Jan 12, 2014
How can I declare multiple roles, groups and users for a service action?

In a security context file I see these types of entries:

But if I wanted to give two groups of people rights to this action in addition to admins would I declare that like this?:

BTW, the Groups are NTLM Groups from Active Directory.

I tried this way above but it still only allows access by admins.  Users in Group A and Group B still cannot create or delete Sites.

UPDATE: This way does work.  Even though this is NTLM and Windows the Groups must be declared exactly as they are in Active Directory.  They are case-sensitive.  This is why they did not work at first because I had declared the Groups in uppercase.  Once I looked them up in Active Directory and made them identical then they worked.