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Adding aspect throwing error

Question asked by mangar on Jan 13, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2014 by rjohnson
I have a workflow model (everything works fine), and I need to an aspect to it.  I add an aspect and redeploy, I get this error in the logs:

WARN  [alfresco.solr.AlfrescoSolrDataModel] [SolrTrackerScheduler_Worker-3] Model not updated
  Failed to validate model update - found non-incrementally updated TYPE

I do a google search and everything that comes up is saying that I am "dynamically" modifying the model, which I am NOT. It goes in alfresco/extensions just like my content model file.  (Alf Comm 4.2.d)

I have undeployed all my workflows and restarted, same error. 
I have removed all references to the workflow model and restarted, same error.
I rebuilt my SOLR indexes, same error.

I redeployed Alfresco and that worked, (of course)  But I will have this problem again.

How do I rebuild the AlfrescoSolrDataModel
How can I fix this?