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How are multiple values stored in properties (in sequence or random order)?

Question asked by sunquanbin on Jan 14, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2014 by jpotts
Dear all,

I'm trying to store some pair array data in a custom data type. The custom type represents a group. and within this group, it has many members. The members' names and genders are stored within this custom type. The xml file is like:

      <type name="demo:group">
            <property name="demo:GroupName">
            <property name="demo:MemberNames">
            <property name="demo:MemberGenders">

Let's say I have three members: {A, B, C} and theirs genders are {Male, Male, Fefale}. When I using a JS controller to create/update a Node of this type, I used array to pass in these two properties (i.e. MemberNames and MemberGenders.

My question is: will those arrays be saved in the same order as I passed in (and remain the same order when I retrieve them)? As if the item order was randomly, there will be a mis-match between Name and Gender.

Many thanks,