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Custom dialog with people finder select button

Question asked by suman.nitt on Jan 14, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2014 by mincd_evolpe
I created a custom form using webscript which gets loaded in a Simple dialog. One of the fields in the form is user picker select button, which should open a dialog for searching user. Selected user should get displayed in the form. How do i get this user picker field in my custom form? Below is my userform.get.html.ftl code.

<#assign el=args.htmlid?html>
<div id="${el}-dialog" class="review-session">
   <div id="${el}-dialogTitle" class="hd">${msg("title")}</div>
   <div class="bd">
      <form id="${el}-form" action="" method="post">
         <div class="yui-g">
            <h2 id="${el}-dialogHeader">${msg("header")}</h2>

    <div class="yui-gd">
            <div class="yui-u"><label for="${el}-name">${msg("label.title")}:</label></div>
            <div class="yui-u"><input id="${el}-name" type="text" name="name" tabindex="0" /> *</div>

        <!– People Finder start –>

        <!– People Finder end –>
    <div class="yui-gd">
            <div class="yui-u"><label for="${el}-title">${msg("label.requiredApproval")}:</label></div>
            <div class="yui-u"><input id="${el}-title" type="text" name="title" tabindex="0" /></div>
         <div class="bdft" style="float:left">
            <input type="submit" id="${el}-ok" value="${msg("button.ok")}" tabindex="0" />
            <input type="button" id="${el}-cancel" value="${msg("button.cancel")}" tabindex="0" />

Please help