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URL example for CMIS rest api

Question asked by adamjennison111 on Jan 15, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2017 by punamunimity
Hi all,
this is my first post..
I look after an Enterprise 4.2 system and am having real issues trying to connect Drupal to it.
The Drupal install is supplied and maintained by a third party so everything is a bit convoluted and has ended up in 'other-end-itis'..

They are using the 'CMIS' module for Drupal, it seems to be working find for most things but I got this email from their developer:

<em>I am getting an error when saving a Drupal node that has documents attached via the CMIS module.

The error in the Drupal log is as follows:-

CMISException: HTTP call to [http://xxxxxxxxxxxx:80/alfresco/s/cmis/s/workspace:SpacesStore/arg/p?path=/workspace%3A//SpacesStore/62f5ce42-3c90-4578-b4fc-7c363aff351d&filter=&includeAllowableActions=&includePolicyIds=&includeRelationships=&includeACL=&renditionFilter=] returned [404]. Response: Web Script Status 404 - Not Found Web Script Status 404 - Not Found The Web Script /alfresco/s/cmis/s/workspace:SpacesStore/arg/p has responded with a status of 404 - Not Found. 404 Description: Requested resource is not available. &amp;nbsp; Message:Cannot find object for ObjectPathReference[storeRef=workspace://SpacesStore,path=/app:company_home/workspace://SpacesStore/62f5ce42-3c90-4578-b4fc-7c363aff351d] Server:Enterprise v4.2.0 (r57217-b28) schema 6,034 Time:Jan 13, 2014 6:20:09 PM &amp;nbsp; Diagnostics:Inspect Web Script (org/alfresco/cmis/item.get) in cmis_common_cmis_invoke() (line 95 of /var/www/html/hcc-xxxxxxxxxxxxxx/sites/all/modules/cmis/cmis_common/cmis_common.module).

I then got this one:
<em>It only seems to be a problem for content that has a value in the CMIS folder field.  If I remove the content for that field then the nodes publish OK.

I've tried to go through this on my own but am failing miserably, so would appreciate any help with it.

I would also appreciate an example of a URL for this call as the one that is failing (above) is the correct path and id for the node but I can't create a working URL to compare, each time it comes back with a 404 error??!: