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Tomcat at 100% CPU

Question asked by gerryr on Jan 19, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2014 by gerryr
I performed a full reindex 2 days ago.  Took quite a while to complete.

Today I am in Alfresco Share working in the Repository setting permissions on various folders.

In the middle of this work Alfresco appears to totally freeze up.

I bring up Task Manager and see Tomcat7 at 100% CPU.

I stop and restart Tomcat.  Same problem.

What is causing this?

I checked in the L-O-G (shhh, don't tell Jeff) and everything appears normal.  Just entries from the last startup.

This has been going on for hours now.  Still Tomcat7 at 100% CPU.  But nothing in any log.

Alfresco now appears almost totally hung.