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Question asked by nate88 on Jan 21, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2014 by bisana
    Hello I have a newbie question for Alfresco Community 3.4d, (and this question actually may apply to all versions.[I'm testing an older version only because i'm on a 32 bit laptop and intend on installing the latest version on a 64 server I'm currently building; thus—> ]) I'm relatively new at networking regarding involving router access to my home office apps from the internet:
- Hence; if I want to login into an Alfresco account from across the internet; do I require a static IP? I am the only person going to be logging into it, and regarding port forwarding, if I port forward port 8080, (or any ports so I can access my server login from another location;) does that still allow access to Alfresco inside my office, or will that conflict with admin, and user logins? I am using a standard netgear DSL modem/ router combo at my home office. Again, so you understand my current level of education, I can network anything behind a router; as I became coherent at networking because I am a lead animator, and ended up having to link a group of Macs and Linux machines together. We dont use windows computers except as occasional VirtualBox images that we reset to clear the maleware and bugs out of lol. But this my first experience in opening a router up to allow a login from outside my home office. And I don't want to goof up and have to call my ISP and ask them to help me reset my router settings hahaha,
**so, with respect; I realize I'm on a forum with educated people that have Computer Science Degrees; so don't beat me up too bad because I started out in the Art Dept lol – I promise you soon - digital artists will appreciate you worldwide, *because I will personally set 'em straight ;-)
Thanks guys, in advance.
-fraternally Nate88