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Share Navigation Header missing in Mozilla XULRunner browser

Question asked by cszamudio on Jan 21, 2014

From a number of JIRA submissions (e.g. #ALF-19246), there seems to have been an issue with the Share navigation header disappearing in some browsers. From what I can tell the issue seems to have been resolved in 4.2e. I can render the Share navigation header just fine in all browsers including Chrome, Firefox and IE.  However, I am still experiencing the problem under a very specific configuration. I'm using the Mozilla XULRunner platform (Gecko rendering engine) for hosting a browser in my application. Under XULRunner, the Share navigation header is still missing.  I've tried setting the Tomcat server to encode using UTF-8 as was suggested in one comment, but this didn't help. I can't extract much technical description of the problem from the JIRA entries.

I'm wondering if someone knows what the technical issue around this problem was. This might help me track down why I'm still seeing the problem with XULRunner. I realize that I'm going to have to debug this since it's not going to be reproducible in anyone's hands not using this configuration. I'm guessing it's a specific browser setting that is required.

Carlos S. Zamudio