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Content Store in Oracle as BLOBs?

Question asked by on Jan 21, 2014
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As I understand, alfresco stores content in two different places:

- the meta-data in a relational database.
- the data files themselves on the file system.

I have a requirement that I want to store content as BLOB's in oracle database (Oracle DB Configured with Alfresco) not in direct file system which can be achivable in P8 Filenet ECM product.

1. Let me know is this achivable or not if it is achivable let me know the advantages and disadvantages of storing content in database.
2. Let me know if we store content in Database how we can replicate the DB to other environments or is there any back up and restore mechanism is available when we store in Database.

Please share if we have any good documentation is available to get all these details.