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First steps. new custom types. I need help

Question asked by iruizdeeguilaz on Jan 21, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2014 by iruizdeeguilaz
I come from Documentum and I am learning how to use Alfresco

The first I have tried is to add a new custom model
I am trying to do it without using eclipse, I think is possible, isn´t it?
I have done two xml –> extension-model-context.xml and exmodel.xml

after some errors when I was restarting tomcat (About bad tagging), I could restart it succsfully but I can't see the new typers in the interface when I try to create content… (I only see content as a type)

is there any way to be sure that my new types has been created???? (maybe a select to a specific table in the database)…

am I forgettig something???

      <type name="ex:document">
      <type name="ex:docu">
      <type name="ex:name">