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lucene search or solr search problem

Question asked by shantprai on Jan 22, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2014 by shantprai
Hi, I have to perform a search in my project ,I am using alfresco 4.2C version .I have to perform a search on meta data level like first search folder name ,then search for document name ,then search for content inside the document.
I have tried with following query ,but it is not giving any result.
SELECT * FROM cmis:folder WHERE CONTAINS('"PATH:\\\"/app:company_home/st:Sites/cm:vcrqqongqqincqqtestqqcmp-Dummy/cm:vcrqqongqqincqqtestqqcmp/* AND @cm\\:On-going-Compliances AND TYPE:cm:folder )
this query is running but it is not giving any result.
please help me on this it is urgent for me………..